Automatic suction pump

The classical, low revolutions pumps (1450 RPM) with single or multiple stages for various demands in pressure (low or high head)
The pumps are manufactured under strict specifications and are individually controlled for their quality. There is no need to use an one way valve in the suction end and their working life is excessively long due to the low revolutions per minute.
They can be used in various applications for the Industry, Steam-boilers supply, Shipping industry, Fire protection, Household. For standard applications, the pumps are manufactured with bodies from cast iron and impellers from phosphoresced bronze on inox shafts.
For special applications, such as sea water pumping or rare acids, the bodies and impellers of the pumps are manufactured completely from phosphoresced bronze on crome-nikel 18/8 shafts.
Water -proofed is achieved, depending on the application by means of:

  • Proofing rings (seals)
  • Teflon seals
  • Mechanical gaskets

For further information according to technical characteristics of the pumps choose one of the following Excel version that you have:

Excel 97-2000 Workbook

Excel 5.0/95 Workbook

Pumps dimensions

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